Hello Realtors! 

My goal is to be your “go-to” guy when you need quality photos or videos that help you connect with serious buyers. I’m in the process of building my real estate imagery portfolio, so I’m offering you special packages at very affordable prices for a limited time.

I can provide you with listings photos or realtor videos with a one-day turnaround so you can upload them to your MLS page and social media sites. Contact me for my brochure that lists details including my fee and my written guarantee that you’ll have the photos or video the next day.

My process is to work with you from start to finish so I can give you exactly what you have in mind. I understand that availability and quick delivery is very important to you. So unless I’m already booked on an assignment, I’m available to work with you to deliver those images quickly.

 I started in photo-video journalism 15 years ago as a Public Affairs Officer with the Canadian Army, and work occasionally in the evenings with the military.  In fact, if you visit my website in the videos page, you’ll see recent samples of my work. 

I produced those videos either on the same day, or the next day after each event. I use industry standard DSLR cameras with professional quality sound equipment and LED lights. If you’re thinking of making a 90-second video of a property tour or a 1-minute video to introduce yourself, I own a teleprompter and green screen to help you communicate your message.

 If you have any questions - or have decided this is something you’d like to do - contact me and let’s talk. 

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